Monitoring the response-ability for effectiveness

Everybody face problems all the time, from house-work and relationships all the way to work, or even inside our own minds and questionings. What makes us better depends on how we react to the problems, right?!

When we face a problem, in general, there are three basic reactions to take:

  1. Ignore it.
  2. Complain about it.
  3. Seek for a solution.

The first approach is the easiest and we do it naturally most of the times. The thing is, it is fine to ignore many things otherwise we’d become the grumpiest person. BUT,  some problems keeps on coming back to us forever and may only grow until we actually do something about it. So we gotta watch for these repeating-problems and solve it before it happens again, or before it becomes a monster. We have to be careful with our tendency to get confortable with our routines. Are you following your dreams right now?

The second approach, well, please do yourself a favour, and s$%. The energy we’re spending with complaining and suffering about it can be used for anything better.

Now to the third. For every persistent problem, I have been seeking for this third approach. It’s actually a bit deeper: Be quiet; Detect the cause; Keep it in mind; Seek for an answer; Act; Reiterate over results.

It’s the hardest, but I find it worth it: I try to leave it there vividly in mind, and sometimes even take the problem while asleep. Why? Because I notice that when I do that, I keep on digesting the problem, sometimes even unconsciously, until finally some conclusions come and I find a way to actually solve it. Really, trust your brain, it can’t be *that* bad 🙂

Now this may sound too general and simple, but if you stop to think about it, it’s powerful to live this way. Let me give some reasons:

  • You’re not only helping yourself, but most repeating problems is happening with everybody, so if you find a smart solution, you can help a whole bunch of other people too (if you have a way to share/spread it).
  • If you actually consolidate your solution to a real product at some point, eureka!, you might have just created a business in a market never explored!
  • Cause the game is never won by standing in the same place for too long.

Let’s take action!