Over time I came to realize that I don’t really have the man power, resources, or enough time to implement all solutions or ideas I come up with, in a way that can have a positive, near-term impact that I would like such ideas to have.

However, I have perceived that by writting articles on the internet, completely unknown people from every part of the world would read them and end up implementing these ideas given they prove to be effective for them.

And this is very powerful for the same reason that no one person is not able to accomplish anything significant completely on his/her own. We’re are always stepping on previous shoulders and progressing based on prior discoveries and accomplishments.

While one may think that I gain nothing with this in most of the time, which is true, I don’t really care because my real intention is to spread good ideas and help people and things to be better. Sooner or later someone will think of it anyway, and the real good ideas will stand out and be implemented, so why not get together and speed up the process in a way everyone can benefit?

My name is Thiago Faria Alencar, working a software developer for HERE Deutschland GmbH (formerly part of Nokia). I’m always open to new ideas. If you feel we have shared interest(s), or think we could work together on something, don’t hesitate to contact me in any social network.





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To understand anything is to make sense of its context. What we may see as obvious and self-evident, is all but unknown to someone without our frame of reference. Our inability to truly understand or appreciate the differences in perspective and information between ourselves and others is perhaps our most basic shortcoming.

There are many ways to teach – being clear is one of them. There are many ways to learn – teaching and trying to solve the problems yourself is one of the best of them. Learning from the experience of others is the next best way to boost learning. My technical posts attempts to embrace all these ideas by: 1- Providing theoretical information based on my experience or experience of others; and 2, giving practical usage examples so that you can prove the theory on your own.