Couchbase Server on Debian Wheezy


UPDATE 21/02/2014: Couchbase Server packages are now available from the website. Leaving this post online just for reference..

At the time of this writing, CouchBase unfortunately is not distributing packages for Debian, and well, my server is Debian. There are several ways to go about this (like compiling the software yourself). Since I’m just attempting to test the Sync Gateway and therefore need a newer version of CouchDB ( >= 2.0), I’m taking the shortest way I found (using the compiled .deb files). And guess what? It worked!

This is all I did:

Make sure you observe the correct CPU architecture for your server while downloading the packages.

-Install libssl0.9.8, in case it’s not already. You can fetch it from here:

Download the ubuntu package from Couchbase website:

And install it:

PS: Don’t forget to create some swap in case you’re running on a low RAM machine, otherwise errors will occur in couchbase. For 4GB swap:

Check the output, if it’s working, then add to /etc/fstab for reboot persistence: