Data management in distributed applications

Due limitations around HTTP/v1.1, developers have found interesting solutions to optimise page loading times, for instance:



This is the technique where we put small images together into a single large image, and then you use javascript or CSS to “cut out” pieces of that big image to show smaller individual ones. The reason being that getting a single big image is much faster in HTTP 1.1 than getting a 100 smaller individual ones. The downside is that pages that only want to show one or two small pictures get the overhead of loading a bunch of unnecessary data.

While these techniques do improve speed when well used, balancing this properly can quickly become a hassle in the developer’s back, which is then no longer worrying about his website itself but for things of the underlying transport protocol.

In the same sense, although in the last article I’ve written about the possibility of boosting the speed of network-dependent apps by keeping http cached data in sync, I didn’t discuss deeply about how to update such data and make the replication both from the client and server side (update pushes) in order to optimally transmit them in an easy and automatic way. The app developer would have to take care of this, and not to mention the learning curve of the Couchbase Mobile dependency.

I’d like to propose a solution for that, for which I’ve already created a website. Please check the link, and get in touch if you’re interested about more details:

HTTPSmartCache (

It’s sort of a marketing page, so developers might want to go straight to the “How it works” and “Integration” sections.

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