HMI project

Last week I was at the IPC SPS Drives exposition in Nürnberg . Bellow a little video of our stand:

Below the robot toy (Fischertechnik with motors and sensors) is a Siemens PLC . This PLC is connected to a Wifi router. Also connected to the router is an Axis webcam, which delivers the video stream to the smartphone/tablets.

The PLC was programmed in “automatic” mode, which runs continuously (like in the video), and also a “manual” mode, that can be activated/deactivated by the app, and then each motor can be controlled individually, where switching can be done by simply swiping  the screen.

Its fun!  🙂

In the end, we joined all the apps into just one, plus some other stuff, finally naming it an HMI solution. Biggest advantage is that one gets an alternative HMI (with custom screens/functions at the smartphone/tablet), without actually having to write a single app-line-of-code. Later this year I’ll setup a new website, and so dedicate onto exposing the product, also better explaining it  🙂