Scope release preview

Intro: Flowtrol Scope is a mobile utility application for automation engineers involved with Siemens PLC’s. It is a professional, easy to use PLC signal analyser, for smartphones and tablets.

I’ve been working on this project for a while now and lately I had the chance to add a server component to the mix, which not only off-loads heavy processing tasks away from the smartphone (improving UI response times), but as well created new possibilities for functionalities to make the most of the recorded data.

Soon we’ll be releasing a new update to Flowtrol Scope. In this post I show some of the latest features / improvements we’ve been making to the most advanced mobile PLC Analyser yet 🙂 We’ve greatly improved the export capabilities, as soon as its released, it will be possible to:

  • Export “.scope” file with the signal buffer for re-opening the data in Scope itself (possibility to share with other colleagues)
  • PDF / CSV raw data  file (specially useful for remote machine maintenance or auditing)
  • Video, recorded with the phone’s built-in camera in parallel to the PLC signals

ExportWhich files will be generated can be selected individually in the export screen. The data is sent to a server, where the information is processed, the files are generated and sent to the specified e-mail address. Once sent, the user data is then completely wiped from the server.


exportOptionsVideo output:

At the server video transcoding step, a time-stamp is added to the video, so one is able to cross-check with the signal values:




PDF / CSV output: PDF_ExportCSV_Export


This newest version will soon be available in the AppStore!

Project’s website at :