Computer programs..


I’m of the opinion that software programming should be considered a basic subject in every school almost like “math” nowadays. I can imagine people saying: are you crazy? No!

Hm, sooner or later this might happen anyway, but I’d really like to see this myth that programming is hard and just for geeks / nerds being broken. Computer is just another tool, like math, or a calculator, that helps you solve problems more effectively.

Every time you feel you’re doing some sort of repetitive dull task, that’s a strong sign it can be automated with some programming.

If you are not passionate about it, that’s fine too! Software is meant to abstract complexities of smaller problems, so that you can focus on what matters to you without having to worry about the underlying machinery. There’s no need to give up just because you don’t know how a transistor works!

Creating “new” things, is mostly about building upon previous works (building blocks), and there’s enough people working in the hard stuff so that solving tasks with computer is easier than you might think (and cheaper than ever before).

Of course, many problems are complex and demand years of experience, but many simple things that takes *hours* to do by hand can be easily automated with simple programs. There are so many things that can be solved with the basic programming building blocks in the most broad fields.

Break down your barriers! go learn and create something useful for yourself!

If you don’t know where to start, or not comfortable by learning alone, or if your programming teacher sucks, there are MIT-quality free courses online (perhaps much better than your own university/school, see below) all over the internet to help you. If you’re reading this right now, there’s no excuse. Enough blah-blah-blah and more hello-world!

Here are some nice references (not limited to programming):

[UPDATE] I just got that “aha” moment when what we think about actually happens almost at the same time. Just seen an article about a school in Estonia teaching programming in the first grade! Picture below was obtained from the news web-site.